Straight Razor & Wet Shaving Resources

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These are Tools/Resources/Links/Information that have been shared with me and found to be beneficial during my journey with Straight Razor Shaving so here they are for your use/enjoyment.


Straight Razor Ruler

* This Straight Razor Ruler is a great tool to print out and use when working with and assessing your Razors. This is an especially effective tool for measuring blade width and you can lay it on the paper without risking damage to even a finished edge! Make sure to maintain the print settings so as not to adjust the ruler sizing. I use mine constantly and plan to laminate it for protection so it will last longer.

Scale Drawings

* These are stock Scale Drawings for straight razors to allow you to use as a template when making scales from scratch. Again, do not adjust your printer settings or zoom or you will corrupt the form settings and negatively affect the size of your scale templates.

Shaving Made Easy 1905

* This is a .pdf file of the scanned pages from a 1905 book entitled; “Shaving Made Easy; What The Man Who Shaves Ought To Know”. Very interesting Shaving related reading which gives you a cool glimpse into the past. Enjoy!

Blog: Why I Wet Shave

* This is a really well-written Blog that runs the gamut from great Beginner’s Information all the way to clarifying Terms, Techniques and Jargon that even seasoned wet shavers can benefit from. Click the Link above and then follow for the latest information!

Grooming: I Manscape

* This is a Link with Informative Articles and Product Resources for all your Manscaping needs! Click the Link above for more details!

Straight Razor Resource From Oz

* This is a Link to the Australian Group- ‘Cut Throat Club’ focusing on building Wet Shaving Kits, as well as a Blog that contains high quality resources in Australia. Click for more information or to participate!

~ Do you have a Tool/Resource you’d like to share with others? Please email it to me so I can include it on this Page!