Honing Prices

Bench 9

Price for ‘Basic Honing’ is $20. Additional charges may be added for Wedges/Heavy Near-Wedge Blades, Bevel Re-Set or Damage such as Chips/Dings and issues such as Heel Repair or Toe Repair.

Price for ‘Extended Coverage Honing’ is $34 and includes all the potential additional charges as listed above but also includes a Re-Hone any time within 6 months of the original honing date which is a significant discount. This option is for people just starting out that are more likely to damage their razor during the course of learning to use it without having to pay full price for a second honing.  This is also a beneficial option for someone who may want to sell their razor in the future as they move onto other razors of interest allowing them to sell the razor ‘Shave Ready’ which dramatically affects selling price. If you select this option you will receive paperwork with a date 6 months into the future along with your razor. Simply contact me when you are ready (within 6 months) then ship the razor and paperwork back to me for your second honing at no additional charge.

For more information and details about Honing please click here.

For information about Razor Restoration please click here.

For information about Razor Restoration Pricing please click here.

If you already have enough information about the above and are ready to get more specific pricing on an individual razor, please use my Contact Form which will allow you to upload pictures of your razor and receive a quote based on the condition of that razor.

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***Shipping will ‘ALWAYS’ be covered by the Customer. I only use Priority, Insured/Tracked USPS which is currently around $6 for the CONUS. Outside the CONUS shipping will be actual cost and will be handled on a case by case basis when shipping to countries where insurance and tracking may be limited or unavailable.

***Both a Primary and Secondary Inspection will need to be performed prior to providing service on your razor. The Primary Inspection will be completed when you submit pictures along with your inquiry. The Secondary Inspection will be completed once I have the razor in hand. If damage or concern is noted during the secondary inspection I will contact you via email to discuss options. I will not be held liable for damage that was pre-existing or happened during shipping. If you choose to initially ship without proper packaging, tracking or insurance you will be responsible for that decision and I will not be involved with you and the shipping agent if damage occurs prior to my receiving it. Your options, if there are issues found, will be to either receive a new quote based on ‘actual condition’ of the razor or to ship the razor ‘as-is’ back to you at your cost.