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“Hi Shawn,
Everything came and looks great!  I shaved Friday with the Dovo and it was awesome.  Its definitely been a while, and despite my best efforts I had a few nicks (user error, not the razor) but it was definitely a very good shave.  I’m looking forward to trying the Henckels on Monday!
Thank you again!-J”

“Re: Cattaraugus Just Over 1/2”

Just a note to say thank you.

After a touch of chromium oxide/strop… this razor just gave me the shave of my life tonight.

  • R”


“I got the razor last week (or maybe the week before, with the holidays its been a bit hectic) and it shaves great!  As always, I am very pleased.

Thank you so much for doing this.  I will definitely be in touch again soon.
– J”
“Got it, cleaned it, admired it, used it, loved it and admired it some more. I must say you did a really nice job with this razor. I am glad you were able to salvage the scales and I like the Patina look on this. I think is going to be one of my favorites now, being one of my first and all.
(** This is Feedback from a Customer whose razor was lost by USPS on the way back to him. Tracking showed it leaving Yakima, WA and then nothing after. It is unfortunate, but sometimes it happens… Thankfully, it happens VERY infrequently!! In this case, even though I completed the Honing without issue and the shipping issues were not on my end, I reimbursed his Honing Costs as a gesture of good-will and support… It is oftentimes more about Community than money after all.**)
“Thanks, and thanks for re-imbursing the $25.  You didn’t have to do that.  Very professional of you.
– M”
“I received my Dovo a couple weeks back… You left the razor better then it came. I’ve been getting real clean and smooth shave. Excellent work.
– D”
(Regarding first shave with a razor purchased from Razors Edge Work)
“Wow, that sucker shaved at least as smooth as my Feather. It was actually lighter in the hand and easier to see around for under the nose, etc. Great job!
– J”

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Here are a few Videos about and of my Edges in action. Michael/”Busta” was a relatively new Straight Razor Shaver at the time of these Videos and I had the opportunity to Repair and Hone some of his Straight Razors which he later used and commented about in the following Videos. *Note, he has pulled his videos off his YT Page so, links may not be active.*