Razors Edge Work- Restoration

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At this time only ‘Functional Restoration’ is being offered. Functional Restoration is taking a Straight Razor with issues, popping it (taking it apart) then repairing the issues needed to get it shaving prior to Honing. At this time I do not do ‘Custom Restorations’/’Custom Scale Making’ as I am still developing my skill in this area and have not reached a level where I feel comfortable charging for this work right now. Following any Honing, rust prevention agents will be applied.

Depending on the condition of your razor, ‘Light’ Restoration- Tightening Pins, Modifying Blade Alignment, Scale/Wedge Adjustments or greater may be required prior to Honing. I will assess your pictures and advise you of my opinion prior to you shipping your razor for service. However, there is only so much that can be assessed by a picture, so my estimate may change once I have the razor in hand and can assess it further.

An example of cost if a razor were found In The Wild and was physically intact yet tarnished, requiring Clean/Polish… Scales dirty requiring Clean/Polish… In need of Honing… Blade requiring Alignment and Pin Tightening to allow proper open/close… This would be approximately $50 and that includes $20 for Basic Honing and $30 for Clean, Polish, Align & Tighten. Just as with Honing Prices, any other more involved issues such as requiring Toe Repair, Heel Repair, Multiple Bevel Re-Sets, Scale Straightening, Hardware Replacement, Wedge Replacement, etc… Will involve an Up-Charge.

More comprehensive Restorations will be addressed on an individual basis. I do pop/drill razors, straighten scales, polish/clean razors and scales as well as re-pin razors using brass, stainless steel and nickel silver components. If you have questions or concerns about a larger restoration job please include that information in the Contact Form.

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