Second Annual- Seattle Shave-Con 2015

“If you haven’t heard, “You should go to a Shave Meet sometime… You’ll learn more in a few hours than you could in a month of searching Online!”, then you are certainly about to!”


Shave Meets like the “Second Annual Seattle Shave-Con 2015” are an absolute must-see if there is even an outside chance to get there. First, there’s the Shave Gear that you get to see up-close and personal to touch, feel and smell…


Then, there is the camaraderie, good times, great food and great drink…



Afterward, there is great Teaching and Instruction on anything from simple Gear Recommendations all the way up to specialized and specific instruction on topics like Honing, Stropping and Restoration…


Did I forget to mention there are often Raffles, Give-Aways and more for the Swag donated by the great Artisans, Vendors and Craftsman of the Wet Shaving world?

The pics below are of Mitch who won a Straight Razor Starter Set donated by Razors Edge Work… 11/16″ Wostenholm 1XL with Matching Coffin then a TGN Brush Handle with a 22mm 2-Band Synthetic Knot and the Strop was skillfully made and donated by Jeff Logan!!




“Whether you’ve been Wet Shaving for a month or most of your life, going to a Wet Shaving Meet & Greet will surely be the shaving-highlight of your year!”

The Link to more information about the Seattle Shave-Con can be found below: