“When Patina Reaches Perfection”

Sometimes you come across a Razor that has lived a long life, been held by many hands and has earned every nick, ding, chip and bit of rust. The question when you find it is not always simple to answer…

“Should I restore this Razor or just get it functional?”

I recently received a Razor that had me scratching my head with just that question.

Patina 2

This is a ‘Henckels #12’ with Wood Handles… The Blade was in okay shape and had a nice little Smile going for it… The Scales were very warped but the Hardware appeared to be quite old and the overall “look” of the Razor showed a lot of promise.

Patina 1

The main issue was that someone had re-scaled with material that was too short and so the tip of the razor was hitting the lead wedge and the only way it would close completely was nesting between the wedge and the scale and would jeopardize any new edge put on it.

Patina 3I have had some success using just a simple Humidifier to steam scales and then get them straight so I gave that a shot and it worked… It did not straighten them all the way but it was enough to allow the blade to be centered properly.

Patina 4The last hurdle was the toughest… The lead wedge was just too big and to replace it meant I’d have to take the entire razor apart and putting shiny hardware on a razor like this would be a crime. So, that left only a full-restoration or figure out the issue with the wedge.

I played around with adjusting the pivot and had the scales as straight as possible but the tip was still solidly hitting the wedge. Then, it struck me, lead is pretty soft so why not try filing it down. Using a Jeweler’s Micro-File I was able to do just that. I created enough space for the razor to close properly!

The pictures above are what it looked like after the initial work was done and I had the Bevel set. The only thing I did aside from the above is soak the scales heavily in Castor Oil to hydrate them and the razor turned out beautiful and was completely functional!

“Sometimes ‘Bright-N-Shiny’ is just not the way to go!”

… as these ‘after’ Pics of the finished razor show!

Henckels 1

Henckels 3

Henckels 2