“The Importance Of A Clean & Dry Razor…”

This simply cannot be stated often or strongly enough and there are many opinions, techniques, options and products out there. I prefer the KISS approach…

After Shaving with my Straight Razor I rinse the blade in warm water then set aside to dry as I rinse my Brush and put away my other gear. Then I wipe the razor gently with a towel and apply Tuf-Glide using Tuf-Cloth prior to placing it open-mouthed over my Razor Stand to fully dry a few hours. Sentry Solutions offers an incredibly effective and affordable product that I have been using with guns, knives and now razors for many years. I simply cut a corner off of my Tuf-Cloth and keep it full of Tuf-Glide placed in a pill-sized Ziploc in my Shave Den for easy, accessible use.

Keep your gear in top shape and it will serve you throughout your lifetime!

– Shawn


2 thoughts on ““The Importance Of A Clean & Dry Razor…”

  1. What is a tuf-cloth? After letting it dry with blade open overnight to dry do I need to wipe blade with mineral oil? Then in a few days before I shave again do a touch up with my barber’s hone then strop it, then shave would that be the proper process for maintenance and care of my shaver? Thank you for your time.
    Take care.

    1. ‘Tuf-Cloth’ is a Rust Inhibitor/Metal Protectant impregnated into a lint-free cloth material… You buy the ‘Tuf-Cloth’ and then after multiple uses all you need to do is add more ‘Tuf-Glide’ which is the actual liquid that does the work.

      My process for Shaving is… Strop prior… Shave… Rinse well with water, shake vigorously/blow out the pivot with firm breaths of air then wipe completely dry with any cloth… Set aside as you do the same with your other gear (Brush, Cup, etc)… Apply protectant with ‘Tuf-Cloth’ or you can just add a drop or two of ‘Tuf-Glide’ to each side of the razor then work it in with any cloth… Store open for a period/overnight… Fold and place back in storage. Repeat prior to next Shave.

      When I shave I fully submerge my Straight Razors and when I rinse I do so under full-running water… I have not had issues with corrosion as long as I’ve followed the other steps after my Shave.

      For long-term storage you would consider adding a heavier oil on the metal and pivot prior to actual storage. However, you can also buy Anti-Rust Paper to wrap the razor in as well. ULINE is just one company online that sells Anti-Rust Paper.

      For Barber’s Hone Touch-Ups… I believe it would be excessive to do that between each shave… I only do Touch-Ups when I feel the blade start to pull or otherwise perform in a manner that I feel is less than ideal.

      I hope this helps! Happy Shaving!


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