Monthly Archives: November 2013

“The Importance Of A Clean & Dry Razor…”

This simply cannot be stated often or strongly enough and there are many opinions, techniques, options and products out there. I prefer the KISS approach…

After Shaving with my Straight Razor I rinse the blade in warm water then set aside to dry as I rinse my Brush and put away my other gear. Then I wipe the razor gently with a towel and apply Tuf-Glide using Tuf-Cloth prior to placing it open-mouthed over my Razor Stand to fully dry a few hours. Sentry Solutions offers an incredibly effective and affordable product that I have been using with guns, knives and now razors for many years. I simply cut a corner off of my Tuf-Cloth and keep it full of Tuf-Glide placed in a pill-sized Ziploc in my Shave Den for easy, accessible use.

Keep your gear in top shape and it will serve you throughout your lifetime!

– Shawn