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Shaving 7My name is Shawn M Cadwell and I have been enjoying Shaving with Straight Razors, Honing and Razor Restoration on a personal level since 2012.

Over the years I have run the gamut with Hobbies from Auto Mechanics & Restoring Classic Muscle Cars, Guns & Marksmanship to Knife Collecting & Honing, Riding & Repairing Bicycles to Wrenching & Building Vintage Honda Motorcycles/Choppers and Golfing to Building Golf Clubs. Out of both desire and necessity I have always been “hands-on” with my hobbies to keep my gear current and in the state I desire as well as to allow enough money for “Play”. When I transitioned from one Hobby to the next I would often sell some or all of my gear but retain the skills and knowledge which would then help support my next interest.

My passion/obsession with Straight Razor Shaving, Honing and Razor Restoration has led me to develop those skills further into a small business where I am now offering Honing Services and ‘Functional Restoration’ through this Website. Functional Restoration is taking a Straight Razor with issues, popping it (taking it apart) then repairing the issues needed to get it shaving prior to Honing. At this time I do not do ‘Custom Restorations’/’Custom Scale Making’ as I am still developing my skill in this area and have not reached a level where I feel comfortable charging for this work right now. I do my work largely “by-hand” using just basic tools so that I minimize the risk of damage associated with power tools. This actually makes things more difficult in a surprising way as the more I work with and touch each razor, the less I want to let it go.

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The greatest personal challenge that I encountered learning to use a straight razor was the difficulty while using two hands. I have had multiple injuries/surgeries to my back, knees, shoulders, elbows and right hip which makes it nearly impossible to stand and shave without one hand to hold onto the edge of the sink to provide stability as I shave with the other. As you may already know, ‘skin-stretching’ is a common method using one hand to stretch/pull the skin taut while the other hand wields the razor. In my case, I really needed to be able to shave with only one hand and, though I am ambidextrous while shaving, the quality of the razor’s edge often dictates whether or not this is possible. During my journey to learn how to hone properly, it has always been with the goal of shaving one-handed with an edge that provides comfort and a quality shave while having enough edge-retention so that touch-ups are needed less frequently… I have achieved that level, can produce those results consistently and that is the foundation of ‘Razors Edge Work’.

This journey started out as a way to Buy & Sell Straight Razors to fund my collection/fuel my passion for straight razor shaving and now continues to grow with the recent introduction of Honing and Restoration work for hire… Look for more positive changes in the future!

– Shawn


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